I have a different approach to Diet and Fitness than the current Industry Experts. But I also have a different story from most of the people in the industry. My background, burn-out, breakdown and comeback is the driving force behind my new approach.

My approach, called Sinnergy, was forged over the last 16 years. At the height of my career, as a top celebrity trainer and fitness model, I burned out and my body broke down. My burnout and breakdown was from more than a decade of overmotivation, overdiscipline and overtraining.

Before the personal training Industry came into existence, I had already established myself as one of the top trainers in the Industry. In 28 days I helped Angela Bassett transform into the sinuous Tina Turner for her Oscar-nominated role in the film “What’s Love Got To Do With It?”. This established me as a leading force in the Industry. I wrote many training articles for several different magazine including Men’s Fitness magazine, one of the leading sources of cutting edge information in the field of Fitness. My training philosophies and techniques weren’t learned in ‘personal trainer courses”. At the time, an organized Personal Training Industry didn't exist. My knowledge and approach was gained thru experience at the highest level. I had been heavily training and dieting for over 15 years with one of the top bodybuilders in the world, and the hardest training bodybuilder I would ever meet, Rich Gaspari. Although I trained my clients differently than I trained myself and the speed of their results spoke for themselves, I subscribed to the “No Pain, No Gain” and “Just Do It” philosophy, and that would end up being the source of my breakdown and burn-out.

By the time I became a force in the Industry, Pain had been a constant companion. I thought that was the price to pay to have a 6-pack and look my best. When I passed the threshold of tolerable pain I knew something was very wrong with my program. My routine was actually doing more to weaken me than strengthen me. In December of 94', the pain was overwhelming. That was the moment in time when Life changed and I knew it was all downhill from there.

The blessing was, I couldn’t accept that the best was behind me, so I started seeking the information that would give me a second chance at life. Before I could recognize the right information to help me heal, I had to understand the mistakes I made that got me into the burned out mess I was in.

I’ve spent the last 14 years analyzing and auditing the premises that make up the Diet and Fitness Industry. Understanding the mistakes allows me to explain to my clients that Growth and Progress isn't incumbent upon exhaustion, pain or punishment. If it was, we'd have known it 25 years ago and we’d all be “Thin, Rich and Happy” by now. Too many people are working too hard and getting too little reward. Sinnergy is all about Dieting and Training smarter not harder.